Case study (Cerebral Palsy) Essay

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CYP 3.1,3.3&3.4
Case study

Imogen is a 4 year old girl who has just begun nursery for the first time, but unfortunately Imogen has cerebral palsy. Nursery is a place she is enjoying attending she is a bright and happy girl who enjoys having peers around her .Her favourite activity is being creative but has difficulty in controlling her body movements with a tendency which makes her body have random action. Her speech is affected and being unable to control her tongue causes her to drool.
Cerebral palsy is a condition which has more than one disorder which can affect movement, posture and coordination. This condition can be recognized when the child is born, but also can be detected when the child reaches particular motor development …show more content…

However in many cases there is no obvious cause.
*Facts about cerebral palsy
• Children with cerebral palsy are children first and foremost.
• Cerebral palsy is the most common physical impairment in childhood.
• Cerebral palsy affects each child differently.
• Cerebral palsy is a condition ranging from mild to profound.
• Cerebral palsy does not normally affect life expectancy.
• Cerebral palsy is non-progressive but some effects of cerebral palsy on the body may change through life stages.
• Cerebral palsy cannot be cured although early support and therapeutic intervention can help children’s development.
• Many children with cerebral palsy show average or above average intelligence.
• Many children with cerebral palsy attend mainstream schools.
• Approximately one child in 400 has cerebral palsy.

*Information found on the scope web site.
Imogen’s damage to the brain will not worsen, the effect on the body can become more obvious as she grows up, and physical irregularities can develop. Early intervention and treatment can reduce the severity of the

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