Cassini Vanishes Into Saturn: Article Analysis

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Chang, Kenneth. “Cassini Vanishes Into Saturn, Its Mission Celebrated and Mourned.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 14 Sept. 2017

Avery Dermer
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Ms. Galaydick

Abstract Number One

Beginning in 2004, Cassini the spacecraft started a mission. Since that date Cassini has been orbiting around Saturn constantly sending new and fascinating information regarding our sixth planet. After twenty successful years of new discoveries and intriguing information, Cassini has crashed into its own death. Throughout the article, “Cassini Vanishes Into Saturn, Its mission celebrated and Mourned,” The journey of Cassini is described starting with its initial lift off, ending with its bittersweet finale. The first point brought up in this article is how Cassini came to be. Kenneth Chang describes the prior information and the reasoning behind why the spacecraft was created in first place. He then goes on to explain the …show more content…

Ultimately, Cassini ended up witnessing a total of half of a Saturn year. Throughout that half of a year, Cassini picked up multitudes of interesting information. When the time came, scientists realized that the machine was running low on propellent fuel causing Cassini to have to finally come to the end of it’s mission. There were many precautions that had to be considered when deciding how Cassini should make it’s final exit. The last thing anybody wanted to risk was damaging any of Saturn’s glorious moons. Due to this, NASA came up with a plan leaving Saturn with a flawless look. As a grand finale Cassini got the closest it's ever been to our sixth planet by going in between Saturn itself and it’s first ring, capturing fantastic shots of the planet up close and immediately sending them to Earth. As Cassini got closer and closer to Saturn, it began to spin and twist when finally it lost it’s signal with Earth and disappeared into

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