Catch 22 Paradox

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Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 is a story of World War II bombardier John Yossarian who is stationed in Europe during the conflict. Yossarian begins in the hospital, faking an injury to avoid going on a combat missions. While in the hospital, Yossarian encounters a few interesting characters including a bigoted Texan, and a man wrapped completely in bandages. When the man in white dies, Yossarian and the other patients blame the Texan for killing the man because of his race. The texan defends his tolerance by saying he appreciates all people and then names them off by stereotypical and slurred names. At this point in the book the confusion begins to set in, from this point on the satirical paradox that is Catch-22 begins to take full effect. The book shows how war can turn everything we know on its head and make even the most sure or obvious scenarios confusing and foreign. Catch-22 provides healthy confusion throughout the story by making things the opposite of how they normally would be, making people behave in manners that would seem otherwise unethical or weird, and creating paradoxes through words and rules of the land. People all around the country are currently undergoing care in hospitals, doctors offices, or other care facilities. While these people come from all different races backgrounds religions and social status, they all have one common goal for the most part: to get back to full health. Not in Catch-22, the patients of the medical ward for the 256 Squadron
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