Cathedral Raymond Carver Analysis

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Knowing that stereotyping someone is happening, is one the hardest things to understand. Someone may not understand stereotyping is happening until someone confronts the other person. The author who wrote the story Cathedral is Raymond Carver, has caught someone, and it was himself. This story was published on June 18th, 1981 by Atlantic Monthly. This story was written in the first person from the husband with an intensely detailed background. Cathedral main idea of the story was based on stereotypes. The setting and theme are easily found and used to analyze this story. The story Cathedral is about a husband and wife who has a problem with Robert (blind man), whose wife died and came to become a guest in their house. The husband has a stereotype problem and stereotypes the blind man. After all was said and done, the husband realized that Robert was not like every other blind man. The setting took place mostly in the living room on the couch and the genre is considered humorous but serious. Moving forward in the essay, Carver will show how his stories differ from the normal human being. Cathedral shows stereotyping in a different way than most writers do by using the characters, setting, plot, and conflict to see that Robert was not like every other blind man. Raymond Carver has lived a short but eventful life. Carver was born on May 25, 1938 in Clatskanie, Oregon(Bauer). Carver’s father was an alcoholic father and his mother worked as a waitress. According to Bauer the
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