Cause And Effects Of The Black Death

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Do you know how many people have died of the Bubonic Plague? Well, there was over 50 million people who died which was 60% of Europe’s entire population according to: . In the beginning of 1348, a horrible disease terrorized Europe for close to 50 years. During this time span, this disease had destroyed everything from the economy, population, agriculture ,people and religion. The plague known as “The Black Death” was thought to be caused by an infestation of fleas. The more you read, the more you will learn about most of the things that went on during the Bubonic Plague. Let's start from the very beginning. The Black Death started in the City of Orient and years later moved to the great City of Florence during the Spring. As it moved westward towards Florence it grew stronger. Everyone believed that they were going to die from this disease. People already infected with the disease who moved from different cities were banned from entering the City of Florence. Many people were given instructions to stay healthy, but nothing worked. Most of the people lost their faith in God because of what was happening to them and everyone around them. (In document 1) it began with swelling in the groin and the armpits, in men and women, some could be as large as an apple, some could have been egged shaped. With these parts of the body it would begin to spread within a short period of time. Before you
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