Cause Of Drug Addiction

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Understanding Drug Addiction and the Cause Behind it
Jose Romero
Lee College
Introduction to Psychology
Professor Dunn Abstract
Society now days doesn’t comprehend why or in what way others become addicted to drugs. They might misguidedly consider that individuals who use drugs lack ethical values or determination and that they can stop their drug consumption purely by choosing to. Being hooked to drugs is a multifaceted condition, and most of the time it takes more than just good intentions or strong motivations to quit. Many of these drugs change the brain in countless possibilities that makes stopping very difficult, even for many individuals who want to. Many researches now more than ever understand they ways drugs affect the brain and the body. Researches now have develop many treatments that are able to help thousands of people to live normal lives.

What is Drug Addiction?
Drug Addiction is a habitual disease categorized by drug seeking individuals, is very uncontrollable, or challenging to control, despite the various damaging consequences (Stimmel, 2003). The first time taking drugs is voluntary for most people, however, frequently drug use can lead to many brain changes that test an addicted person’s self-will and affects with their capability to fight strong desires to take drugs. Several of these changes have to be very persistent, which is why is classify has a “relapsing” disease. Many Individuals who are trying to or are in recovery from drug

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