Causes And Conflicts In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Years have passed, but the Animal farm, once again known as Manor farm, has stayed the same. Few animals remain that can remember the times of the rebellion, along with this is the memory of Snowball, ever since he was banished off the farm. The windmill that was built is now used for profit, instead of its original intentions, to help with electricity. The windmill is often seen as a reminder of the desperate times to those who survived. It is a common debate among the animals now if the windmill really was Napoleons idea. Few believe he stole the idea from Snowball. Often of late, the remainder of animals will peer into the window at night, and have trouble distinguishing pig and human alike. Although people and pigs now own the farm, the amendments once scribed on the barn wall, have been scrubbed off, and replaced with one- All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Most days consist of hard work for all animals, conversation between them is kept to the bare minimum. The pigs believe it could lead to revolt, so they feel the need to block as much communication as possible. Since Boxer had been taken away to the “vet”, Clover, being the only remaining horse, is forced to take up his old responsibilities. Moses the raven had become the pigs and humans pet, following whatever orders came his way, and assisting in spreading the alerts of what needs to be done and when. Benjamin is still the quiet, wise one, even more so since Boxers removal. There are of

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