Causes And Consequences Of The Roman Catholic Church

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Theme of Unit: The Roman Catholic Church, which was the basis of Western Christianity, was eventually abandoned by many in favor of other teachings. This disruption was caused by a strong dissatisfaction and belief that the church had become corrupt and the main focus was not on spreading God’s word.
Identification: Europe began to fall into a state of disarray and chaos, with no help from the church.
The Black Death and Its Consequences: The Black Death was a deadly disease that spread through Europe causing social and economic decay.
Troubles of the Medieval Church: Disorder in the Catholic Church made people begin to question and lose faith in its teachings.
The Conciliar Movement: A new pope was elected, ending some of the more evident problems of the church, but it remained corrupt and materialistic.
Relationship to the theme: The leaders of the church provided no help to lessen the worry of the people of Europe during this troubling time, causing many to lose affection for the clergy.
Identification: The Italians experienced a rebirth of Greco-Roman institutions and secular attitude.
The Italian Cities and the New Conception of Life: Instead of focusing on the church, Italians began to redefine their standards through refined trade as well as a rebirth of the arts.
Humanism: The Birth of “Literature”: Writers began to view literature not so much as a way of spreading God’s
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