Causes And Developments In Georgi The Development Of Georgia

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Georgia is a state known for its infrastructure including gems like Hartsfield Jackson airport and the Savannah deepwater.. While it may appear excellent at first glance, Georgia infrastructure has a few glaring flaws including but not limited to the road systems. Georgia has work to do before any kind of influx of corporations. Part 1:Infrastructure in relation to Products and non human resources Georgia has an expansive system of Roads, Rails, Ports, and capable of exporting ample amounts of resources. Rails and roads stretch from the mountains in the farthest northwest corner of the state to the ports of the southeast. The state has the capacity of rail and ports to transport tons of minerals and agricultural products at high …show more content…

New projects would need to be instated as soon as possible. The two main areas necessary to bring Georgia Roads up to standards would be increasing capacity of vehicles on roads and creating new roads to lessen traffic. There are currently 741 projects planned to increase capacity on georgia roads and 270 projects planned to decrease amounts of traffic. The Georgia DOT states “More than $14 billion of approved funding for new roadway infrastructure on trucking thoroughfares.” showing the vast amount being put into these plans. There are also numerous projects planned to increase speed of trucks specifically. These include expanding roads at current areas considered bottlenecks, most located outside of cities. There are also plans to create new bypass routes going around cities so trucks can bypass civilian traffic. The current plans in place will help reduce the amounts of traffic on the roads but it may not be enough. These projects mentioned above are planned but they need to be executed quickly or else they are nothing more than plans and will not help anyone. Even if all proposed ideas are enacted Georgia will still have a very high VMT. The two best solutions would be to either put a higher focus on the road systems or disperse corporations from urban centers. This would effectively take the focus of traffic away

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