Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying occurs when technology is used to tamper with, abuse, shame, or target another person online. It is usually a problem that happens among adolescents but when adults are involved it can become a crime that can possibly lead to prison time. Most victims are terrified to report that they were bullied, making it nearly impossible to report the number of people affected. Recent studies have shown that 25% of teens are victims of cyberbullying and 16.67% have admitted that they have cyberbullied another person. The advancement of technology in our society has inevitably brought a rise to cyberbullying, which can now happen anytime and victims can be oppressed from thousands of miles away. The sheer convenience that the internet now offers to bullies allows them to harass victims with just a tap of a keyboard. Experts have recorded that there is a general increase in suicidal thoughts, attempts, and completions from both cyberbullying victims along with the bullies themselves. Some signs of cyberbullying are; “being very secretive or protected of one's digital life, avoiding school or group gatherings, and being nervous or jumpy when getting an instant message, text, or email.” Parents can help their child if they are being cyberbullied by communicating to them and comforting them. Parents should also boost their kids by telling them it's not their fault and they also make them feel less lonely. Any person can be cyberbullied but some of the main characteristics of

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