Causes Of Colonization Of The Americas

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The colonization of the Americas was an expedition of the European explorers. Several European countries followed Christopher Columbus’ expedition in search of new trade routes to Asia. Motivated by different economic reasons, explorers from England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France colonized the Americas wanting to increase power, build colossal empires, and uphold the European prestige. As a result, Europeans invaded Native American territory which led to American colonization and the eradication of the Native American’s way of life. The European colonization of the Americas was a tragedy due to events that occurred such as the bringing of disease, language and religious barriers, and the ultimate genocide of Native Americans.
One of the tragedies of the colonization of the Americas was the spread of disease that led to the death of millions of Native Americans. Death was caused by diseases brought from overseas, according to William Denevan, “remains one of the greatest inquiries of history.” Smallpox was the first epidemic, followed by typhus in 1546, diphtheria in 1614, and measles in 1618, (Mann,3). Native Americans had no immunity to these diseases, Henry Dobyns, the first social scientist argued that, “Native Americans had no experience with many European diseases and were therefore immunologically unprepared—“virgin soil,” in the metaphor of epidemiologist,” (Mann,3). Roughly every disease Europeans carried to the Americas was a “virgin-soil” epidemic, due to

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