Causes Of Human Trafficking In Thailand

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Human Trafficking in Thailand

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, surrounded by numerous of bodies of water, such as the Andaman Sea, and the Gulf of Thailand. According to the C.I.A website, which is a United States government website that offers information about different countries and monitors their activities, Thailand’s government was a constitutional monarchy from 1932 to 2005. Thailand experienced intense government turmoil due to a military coup and several large scale political street protests from 2008 to 2010 (C.I.A). As a result of the unrest among the citizens, it caused corruption from the government, which meant that often times human trafficking is overlooked to not only promote the increase of economy, but also increase the workforces in the country(C.I.A). Reported by The Global Slavery Index, which is a global organization that conducts research and surveys in various countries, it shows that, “425,500 people or 0.63% of the total population live in conditions of modern slavery in Thailand.” This creates different national issues such as a human rights violation and also social issues such as communities being torn apart due to separation of families, but there are different solutions out there that are easing the challenges of human trafficking. As a nation, Thailand’s economy has been gradually increasing; however, it still faces large national debt and high unemployment rate overall (C.I.A). This leads to the government trying to find

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