Causes Of Killing In The Great Gatsby

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Silence Kills When conflict breaks out in society, many choose to only punish the criminal, but in reality, the bystander is just as much to blame. A lonely man looking for a new start finds himself living in East Egg, New York. He comes to realize that he is always on the sidelines avoiding conflict and that he just watches his friends suffer throughout their continuous tragedies. In the novel Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, Nick Carraway, by constantly observing his surroundings, finds that his friends are rude, reckless, and arrogant people, yet he never chooses to step in. Although he is never the one to directly cause a death, he easily could have stopped one. Nick is to blame for the tragic events because of his dishonesty, his reliance on others to have integrity, and refusing to share his own opinion. First, Nick is responsible for the tragic events that happen because he lies to protect Daisy which gets Gatsby killed. When Daisy finds out about Tom's mistress Myrtle, she is infuriated. When Daisy is driving Gatsby home, she is overwhelmed with emotions, and because of this, when Myrtle runs out into the road she accidentally hits, and kills her. Gatsby’s love for Daisy is so strong that he takes the blame for killing her. George, Myrtle’s husband, finds out that his wife died and asks Tom who did it, and he tells him it was Gatsby. When Nick is informed that Tom told George that Gatsby hit Myrtle, he reflects that ‘“There was nothing [he] could say, except the
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