Causes Of Social Change

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Social change is an ongoing process. Two popular recent social changes are called the “Me 2 Movement’’, and the “Black Lives Matter’’ movement. Some other ongoing social changes in our society are sparked from gender equality and sexual harassment. I participate in social changes everyday. When I share different memes of social media, people analyze them and form opinions based off of what I posted. It sparks political discussion and makes people wonder. I don’t choose one specific group of people to try to influence. There is also a lot of social change about free speech and the laws. I vote regularly and that is a part of social change. Some people that don’t vote usually don’t like any of the candidates running for election. I vote for the people I share the same values with and do my research before voting day. In the 2000’s there was a protest in Africa called Arab Springs. An individual did not think the government was fair so he lit himself on fire. It started it a mass social media movement over politics in African countries. Social media ultimately led to new leadership in those countries. In 2008 the United States was going through a severe economic depression. Everyone was mad at the wealthiest one percent and there were tons of homeless people struggling. Some people on Wall Street were arrested for corruption and a lot of people walked away Scot free. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary to socialize is, “to make social; especially: to fit or train for a
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