Causes Of The American Revolution

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In today’s America, the American Revolution has had a lasting effect on the present and past generations. America has asserted its dominance on the world stage as an extremely powerful nation. Before this America was a vast land waiting to be discovered. English migrants of different faiths came to the New World for the ultimate goal of freedom. Hundreds of years later, our forefathers decided to create a new nation. The patriotic acts of our forefathers paved the way for America to become the melting pot of the world. But before the patriotic acts of our forefathers, America was under the control of England whose leader was unjust towards them. Americans had enough of England’s oppressive leadership towards them and decided to form the United States of America in 1776. Fortunately, the Revolution was helped with the aid of rich white males like George Washington. These men realized that all men are born with natural rights until the day they die. The vision of independence from these men was only for themselves and not women, Native Americans, and the African- American slaves. The American Revolution was not a revolutionary process in America because of the maltreatment and inequality towards Native Americans, women, and the African-American slaves after the American Revolution. After the War for Independence, the Native Americans in the United States still suffered from the ongoing prejudice and greed of the white man. The white man’s desire for prosperity paved the way
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