Causes Of The Bubonic Plague

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Between 1347 and 1352 nearly twenty-five million Europeans died due to the bubonic plague. The Black Death, or the bubonic plague, was a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia Pestis. Some of the symptoms were chills, confusion, vomiting, and the most recognized symptom, the bubo. A bubo is an egg-shaped bulge that normally develops around an infected person’s inner thighs, armpits, and/or neck. The name bubonic plague came from the swelling of the bubos that were filled with dead cells and disease carrying germs. i
During the high medieval age, (1000 AD–1300 AD) Europe’s population increased from 38 million to 74 million people. While the population was growing, Europe made advancements in agricultural and social society. In 1334, the first …show more content…

The Hundred Years’ War was the deadliest of the time and was between England and France. The cause of the war was the disagreement between two kings. It was devastating to both sides with ports being looted, death of civilians, and disrupting trade routes. English troops did anything they wanted while fighting on French soil from torching land, raping women and murdering civilians. The instability of Europe during the medieval time was the reason that the Black Death was able to be spread throughout Europe starting when the Mongols tried to invade a small European …show more content…

People were forced to abandon family, friends, and homes. Civilians were so frightened to leave their houses, that they would shut themselves in their homes hoping that the rats or another person would not come and infect them. Funerals began to become perfunctory because there was an abundance of bodies and again people were terrified that they might catch something. Work in general also ceased to be completed. The lack of work was the cause of the shift in the feudal system. Serfs that used to only work for one lord would now normally be doing work for multiple. As a result of the change, the social classes were distinguished even more. The people that were wealthy usually didn't have to do much work and thus did not come in contact with the amount of infected people as the average towns people did. Their main concern was the rodents and the flies that would come with

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