Essay about Causes Of The Civil War

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What was the cause of the civil war? How did it start and what was the uprising action that lead up to this deadly event? Well, back over 150 years ago when slavery was on the rise the people would go back and forth to determine whether or not slavery was a good or bad thing to have. Some of this uprise was because at different points in time there was more free states then slave states and that bothered the slave states because they were losing land to expand out onto that was below the the Missouri compromise line. Slave states wanted to have all the states they could get for slavery to expand throughout the U.S., So they could overpower the free states during voting's. I believe that in order for slavery to be contained into a …show more content…

Even though most people had come to live without slavery the southerners depended on them like the depended on their religion to help them out in need. Without slavery the south's industrial economy would come to a crashing halt and would destroy their economy in an instance.

Another cause to the civil war was the differences between the Northern and Southern regions. The southerners life was based on farming, large plantations and slavery. While the Northern people had a city like lifestyle with industries in cotton and wood. They believed in a life with no slaves and the southerners believed in a system with slaves because of their importance to their large plantations and because they were cheap labor. Now just about everything they do has to have a compromise in order for it to be settled because of the different backgrounds they had in life and because of their political beliefs on government.

The next cause of the civil war was because of the newly appointed Abraham Lincoln who was elected as president in 1860. Now the Problem was because Lincoln believed in a free state instead of slave states and side more with the Northern people. This made another uprise with the southerners. Lincoln was also opposed to the expansion west of the slave states which was problematic, and Lincoln was aiming for their to be more free states expanding out west in the beginning of the newly formed country. Lincoln knew that the abolishment of

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