Causes Of The Cold War After WWII

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After WWII, westerners started doubting the effectiveness of a democratic society. Russia became communist and a strong political force in the world. Communism and fascism ideals spread throughout Europe and western powers feared that they would threatened the existence of democracy. The rise of communism put Russia and the United States in a place of strained relations, called the Cold War. The failure of Western society is the result of an unfair capitalist economy, smaller nations fighting for independence, and poor policies addressing Multiculturism.
WWII left the West in a depraved state and made leaders reconsider their policies. One of the leading cause of WWII was the failure of the Treaty of Versailles. Europe was unable to come to a fair agreement that could preserve peace after WWI. Germany was the main instigator of the war and held the belief that the Jews needed to be exterminated. Germans thought they were unable to live peacefully with Jews solely based off of their religious beliefs. This type of discrimination and genocide showed how incapable Europe was of accepting differences.
Many people praise the strong economy of the West, but fail to recognize the inequality in capitalism and the large wealth gap between rich and poor. In countries like China, wages are significantly lower than more developed countries. The exploitation of workers from other countries to benefit Western economy has become very common. After WWII, there was a notable labor shortage

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