Causes Of The Stono Rebellion

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On Sunday, September 9, 1739, a group of rebels, led by a slave named Jemmy, had gathered near Stono River, South Carolina. They headed towards the Stono Bridge and broke into Hutchinson's store where they stole weapons and killed the two storekeepers, Robert Bathurst and Mr.Gibbs. The band of slaves continued on southward where they burned several houses and continued to kill more white colonists. As soon as the colonists found out and spread the news that there were rebel slaves on the loose, they decided to take action and give the band of slaves a surprise attack. Several of the rebels were shot right away and those slaves only proven to have been forced into the group were released. After the rebellion, along with new laws such as the Negro Act, the colonists sent out groups to look for slaves who have escaped and even hired Indians to aid them. Many of these slaves attempted to escape to Florida, a part of New Spain, where they were promised freedom by the Spanish. (Peter H. Wood, Page 63, 64 & Mark M. Smith, Page xiii, xiv) An exact cause for this revolt is not known, however several explanations are given by historians to answer to this. John K. Thornton says that the rebel slaves, with their military experience from Africa, along with the religious appeal of the Spanish, played a significant role in the rebellion. Emphasizing on the role of the Spanish, the Stono Rebellion of September 9, 1739 was greatly influenced by Spain’s economic rivalry with the English

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