Causes Of The Suffrage Cause

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The Suffrage Cause

Is it true that when we see a disparity in society does it signal some sort of injustice? The question takes on many facets of meaning as it pertains to the situations surrounding injustice. To selectively name all the forms of injustices in disparity one would see in society we need only to look at our past to determine our lack of progress in justice. A justice system that continues to allow the existence of injustice will collapse over time. Dr. Martin Luther King stated "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. John Rawls a major social and political philosopher of his time lived during the framing of the U.S. Constitution would his thoughts of “inequalities are justified only if they benefit the worst off” be placed in the preamble? No, I believe the framers were a seemly homogenous group of all white men, educated in the finest schools and could be viewed as the most privileged. I would have to agree with Justice Thurgood Marshall saying that “the Constitution was defective from the start, that despite its first words, “We The People,” it excluded “the majority of American citizens” because it left out blacks and women. Justice Marshall further alleged that the framers “could not have imagined, nor would they accepted, that the document they were drafting would one day be interpreted by a Supreme Court to which had been appointed a woman and the descendant of an African slave.

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