Causes Of World War 1

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In 1914 the First World War started and created one of the most devastating events in the world killing more than 17 million people. The main causes of World War One was imperialism and nationalism as it was the significant amount of tension, pride and greed to be the most powerful that compelled the Superpowers to fight. Imperialism was an extremely significant ongoing factor that erupted the start of World War One as it pressured the tension between the two superpowers to try to eradicate each other to establish and maintain the superiority and dominance of their empire. Nationalism was crucially fundamental in causing the war, as it was the pride and greed of power for one’s country that released the tension of the alliances to battle against each other in tribute of their country. Furthermore militarism was moderately important as it created more possibility of hostility to attack other countries and empires an enabled more tension and pressure to expand on army, navy and weapons. In addition the arrangement of the alliances was somewhat significant as it allocated Europe and split countries apart to make vile enemies and act more intrusive on the non-alliances. Imperialism played an extremely significant part in causing World War One as it displayed the tension between countries, which escalated aggression and hate to a much larger extent. A Large Empire was very critical for trade and prestige. European countries also wanted to have their own large empires because

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