Causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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Post traumatic stress disorder focus primarily on the way that the mind is affected by traumatic experiences. At least 50% of all adults and children are exposed to a psychologically traumatic event they either have been through war or have witnessed a death, threat to their life, bad accident, a bad natural disaster such as earthquake, tornado etc. PTSD is linked to structural neurochemical changes in the central nervous system which may have a direct biological effect on health, vulnerability to hypertension and atherosclerotic heart disease. How to cope with PTSD, as for myself I tend to avoid things that remind me of my event. I have tried talking to a counselor and to me I was having more difficulty letting go or dealing …show more content…

That is the most hardest to deal with knowing I can’t really do anything to help. I still to this day find no fun in sports, or hiking, wakeboarding, four wheeling and all my old things I use to love to do. I am getting into basketball again but just shooting around that only last about 5 minutes. I have dealt with this for 6 years now and I will say it has got a lot better for me, but also very difficult to deal with. I feel that if I don’t think about my event I feel I am forgetting that person, so I think about the times we had and the love. I go into another deeper depression and it is even more difficult to get out of just that and deal with PTSD it self. The way for others who deal with PTSD they tend to distress and avoid after being exposed to a severely traumatic experience. They say this is normal and adaptive response and often includes reliving the event in thoughts, images, and dreams. I have also read stories about people using marijuana, ecstasy, and they say it helped. When I went to cocaine it helped me but after 3 months I hit rock bottom on my PTSD I started feeling guilty of life and that I was a waste. I started thinking crazy thoughts so I went to drinking that did not help me smoked marijuana that helped but I had to smoke like a chimney and for one I smoked so much I felt normal instead of high and all thoughts would come at once. Post traumatic stress will interfere with a person’s life and becomes hard to get use to

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