Cbt Reflection Paper

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This semester has brought about many presentations when it comes to the many counseling therapy’s counselors are available to us; the effectiveness for treating many different conditions varies with everyone. This paper will be a reflection on what I have learned over the course of this semester for this class, to explore one psychological condition that a counselor would typically encounter and discuss how it ties into the many therapies to help that specific one. I will also discuss many other counseling therapies’ I can relate to assisting that psychological condition. The last thing I will discuss in this paper is what counseling therapies I feel the most comfortable using in a professional setting. This paper will be a guide to not just the many things I have learned from this course, but also to strengthen myself into …show more content…

CBT helps people to see the relationship between their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs; this also is ensuing behavior patterns and actions. Through CBT, clients learn that their insights directly influence their responses to specific situations (Lee, Delany, 2012). How Cognitive behavioral therapy works is it focuses on the belief a person’s individual awareness of events rather than the events themselves that control's how they will feel and act. If I were a counselor using CBT to alleviate the condition, I would use techniques in assisting the client like thinking exercises, journaling, and mindfulness, these are all essential tools to help the client process the trauma events that they experience from PTSD to evaluate their emotional problems. This therapy I think is the most helpful with an individual dealing with PTSD because it is a safe and efficient intervention for both acute and chronic PTSD following a range of traumatic experiences in adults and many other

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