Celia Foote And Minny Jackson's The Help

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In society, it is very common for people to jump to conclusions and make rash judgments of people who seem to differ from the societal norm. The novel, The Help, was set in Jackson, Mississippi, in the times of segregation. In The Help, the societal norm was the mistreatment of African Americans. The white women used and abused the African American women as house slaves. Despite, those culture and social habits around them, Celia Foote and Minny Jackson managed to create a friendship and bond that continued to grow and strive throughout the book. Minny Jackson was an independent and strong African American woman who had a very short temper and fierce attitude. She tended to smart talk and sass her way through life. Her boss, Celia Foote …show more content…

Both women challenged and encouraged the other and is credited to saving each other’s life. Minny Jackson entered Celia’s life in a season of hurt and pain. Mrs. Celia was pregnant but then the unthinkable happened when the lifeless baby left her body along with an unhealthy amount of blood for the mother. Minny immediately came to Celia’s side and help saved her life. In return, Celia and her husband, reassured Minny’s job to her for as long as she lived. Although the situation was upsetting, it proved to be a positive aspect of the relationship, allowing both women to open up to each other. When a naked man intruded Celia’s property and threatened and harassed Minny, Celia risked her own life to help Minny and fight off the man. The image of the two women, despite their skin tones, fighting off one enemy goes to show the strength and depth of their friendship. Celia also comforted Minny when she was made aware about Leroy’s, Minny’s husband, physical and emotional abuse. She encouraged Minny to leave him, showing her genuine care for her well being and safety. Throughout history, the difference between the colors of skin has driven a wedge in between potential friendships and relationships. Nevertheless, Celia and Minny managed to see past the physical appearance and onto what really matters, the heart. Kathryn Stockett’s purpose of building this relationship was to prove that the skin color of a human is insignificant and that racial equality is important in building friendships. She wanted her audience to learn that the true meaning of friendship has no correlation to one’s physical appearance, but that it correlates to one’s personality and

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