Celine Dion As A Role Model

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A diva is a very successful and famous female singer of popular music. It is someone of great talent, vocal facility and an ability to convey the emotional nuances of the music to her audience. Pop music is an umbrella term typically applied to chart music that appeals to a wide audience. Pop also for many people is deeply personal, it is the realm in which many of us make and discuss our first artist choices as young people. And know I'm going to talk about Celine Dion as one of the best pop divas. Celine is a proud Canadian that is why she has sung her national anthem at countless events. She is also a healthy role model for Celine Dion was born in a large French Canadian family on 30 of March 1968 in the small French town of Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. She was the youngest of fourteen children. Celine was grow up in a talented family, the music was all around her, her mother played the violin and her father played the accordion and her brother and sister sang and served at the tables. Here parent was owned a small piano par, which she singed there for the first time when she was only five years old. So she began singing at the young age of 5. At the age of eleven, Celine Dion recorded a demo tape of a song that she had written it with her mother. Celine's mother and one of her brothers collect a …show more content…

Celine Dion dominated the pop charts in the 1990s. She remains a popular entertainer and is the second-highest earning musician in history. In 2007, Celine Dion released some of the most adventurous music of her career on the album Taking Chances. She really suffered personal tragedy in January 2016 when her husband and her brother died of cancer just two days apart. By the End of February, she returned to the Las Vegas stage and in May accepted the Billboard Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards. She Sang Queen's ' The Show Must Go On'

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