Censorship As A Multi Million Dollar Market

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American singer-songwriter and poet, Jim Morrison, once said "whoever controls the media, controls the mind." With the power to dictate what information an individual is allowed and not allowed to access, comes also the power to mould a society to whatever belief system that is desired. Advertising which has a rich history that can be traced back to early cave paintings, is a medium for persuasion and is often used by businesses and organisations to promote their products and ideas. Advertising being a multi-million dollar market for promoting a wide array of ideas, however, does not have freedom in itself to promote all ideas. It is assumed that the guiding force behind a censorship act has the entire control to set what a society believes. Censorship which can be defined as the suppression of information, acts to protect, to promote and to prevent. Censorship can be and is applied to advertising. This, censorship in advertising, is determined by varied factors. Political agendas can be noted as one determining factor in censorship. Germany under Adolf Hitler 's rule (1933–1945) is a reflection of such. Hitler wanted his people to believe that the Jewish people within the society were bad and promoted that Nazism was right. “The Nazis orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win the loyalty and cooperation of Germans” (Holocaust Encyclopedia). The article further posits that, Hitler’s trusted advisor, Dr Joseph Goebbels, was appointed the leader of the Ministry of…
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