Censorship Trends In NBA Sports

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The NBA has an Eastern conference and Western conference, each conference have about fifteen teams. There are about thirty teams in the NBA, each must have at least twelve players, and in the beginning of the season game, the teams must have at least eight players who are able to play in the regular season game. Only eight teams from the Western conference and Eastern conference, are able to play for the playoffs. Those eight teams must be the top eight teams from the Western conference and Eastern conference. In other words, only sixteen teams are able to play for the playoffs.All the thirty teams are located in different part of the United State of America. Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets, and Minnesota Timberwolves are located in NorthWest …show more content…

Even though last season was one of the worst NBA viewership trends, the Regional sports network actually growth 4% overall, where the majority of games are aired and marked a tie for the second best average for teams on record. The Spurs was the top spot overall teams with an 8.1 local rating. Second is the Cleveland Cavaliers averaging 8.0 rating. The NBA League Pass subscribers last season also went up to 87%, last season before that ’13-14 was up to 40%.The discussion of wealth in the NBA is important because media doesn’t really talk about it that much due to the often high salaries of athletes and high rates of personal bankruptcy. Most of the NBA players who retired go bankrupt after they retire, because their bad decisions. Dennis Rodman who won five NBA Championships is one of the players who went broke, he made nearly $27 million over his playing career after retiring he soon find himself struggling to pay bills and child support commitments. All the teams in NBA don’t make the same money; some of them are making more money than other teams, especially those teams with better

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