Cerebral Palsy Research Paper

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Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that has a permanent affect a person’s movement. Cerebral palsy is occurs because there is an injury to some part of the brain and because of that it is hard for messages from the brain to communicate to the muscles. When the brain is forming during pregnancy and there is some disturbance but can also develop shortly after birth and even up into early childhood. These injuries can be located on any area of the brain and that is why Cerebral Palsy looks different for every person that has it.
One of the most common stereotypes against people with cerebral palsy is many people assume that they cannot do things for themselves. Once a person find out that someone has a disability they automatically …show more content…

He ruled for 6 years towards the end of the 19th dynasty (1196–1190 B.C), dying at the age of 20 (the average age for CP patients).” The term palsy comes from Greek origin and come from terns like paralysis or paraplegia. In 130 A.D the word palsy was used by a physician named Galino to describe people with weakness or necrosis of their nerves. There is no cure for those who have cerebral palsy there are only ways to manage their condition by trying to improve muscle control though rehabilitation therapy. “Active management of spasticity is needed to prevent painful contractures and deformities and promote optimal function. This management generally is provided by multidisciplinary teams that include physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and physiatrists. Physical therapy, which is uniformly utilized for cerebral palsy has not been subjected to randomized trials, but is widely accepted as a component of standard management”( Oʼshea, T.). Some people have more severe cases of cerebral palsy and may have other conditions such as hearing loss, mental retardation, and inability to speak. When they have mutilple conditions it may make imporvemtn in rehabiiltion therapy much harder to

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