Certified Nursing Assistant and Patience Essay examples

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Think about a skill most people do not have but could benefit from mastering. Why would people benefit from this skill? What are the consequences of not having it?
Patience is a skill most people do not have but could benefit from mastering. One of the benefits of having patience, it will enable a person to communicate with others more effectively.
There are many consequences of not having patience, one of them you could jump to conclusions about anything and hurt someone’s feelings, due to the lack of knowledge mastering patience as a skill.
Patience is a virtue and a necessity for happiness, it makes us better people. And enables us to accept any circumstances, it also helps us to tolerate delay. Without patience we all …show more content…

I became very impatient knowing that I would be sitting for eight hours a day for two weeks. It has been awhile since I had to sit that long, but instead of going with my first instinct to give up due to the lack of not having patience. Somehow after a few days I became more patient with myself and believed in me that I can accomplish what I came to study for. After two long weeks of lectures, and final exams I received a certificate of completion from class. Now that I overcame the class room it was time for my state exam. I first was nervous but at the same time confident because I knew if I tooke my time and have the patience the exam would not be so bad and it wasn’t, because I patiently listen to every detail my instructor gave the class.
Everyone that becomes an axia student should master this skill, once I became an axia student I knew in order for me to communicate more effectively with my classmates and instructor I had to master this skill and keep it. It has been a while since I had to do a lot of reading and re-searching. But being patient has brought me through so far.
I have challenging days that is easier to endure now that I have the patience to take the time needed to accomplish my goal. There is one thing I do know is that the only thing impossible is not believing in you.
An impatient person that has never encountered professional online communication would be loss due to the lack of patience and self confidence. There are a lot of

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