Chains By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Many kids have not been to jail or experienced the loss of a close sibling or parent, and we do not understand the difficulty of being a slave. We can not even imagine that these terrible phenomena can occur. The book Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson depicts two young, black slaves that have survived through the uprising of the Revolutionary War, the immoralities of slavery, and the tragic loss of family members.Throughout the book, Curzon and Isabel suffer through multiple events that have made them chained both figuratively and physically, but the couple of juvenile slaves grow more determined to receive freedom after they go through their hardships. First of all, Isabel is figuratively chained to Ruth. Isabel is determinately keeps Ruth out of harm’s way, and she is also intent on keeping Ruth and herself together because Ruth is her only surviving family. After Isabel’s parents died, Isabel felt a sense of responsibility to protect and nourish Ruth. One reason why Isabel feels a sense of responsibility is because Ruth is particularly young and she also suffers from strokes caused by epilepsy. At the beginning of the book, Ruth snickers when Madam does not let the guard search her undergarments, and Madam furiously questions the laughter. Isabel takes the blame for Ruth, and consequently, she experiences Madam’s vexation and a slap across the face. Furthermore, Isabel shelters Ruth when Madam beats her with a broom. Madam believed that Ruth was demon-possessed and started

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