Challenges Faced By African Americans

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Challenges that Confronted African Americans

Vincent Signorile

U.S. History II

Professor Parkin

13 February 2017
Ida B. Wells produced powerful evidence to try to persuade people to support her anti-lynching campaign. This study will focus on how the pamphlets in this Royster collection show the challenges faced by African Americans. One of the primary focuses is about lynching and what the African American community response is to lynching. Another area of focus will be on the black clubwomen’s movement and what it meant to African American women. The topics mentioned demonstrate the types of challenges that African Americans had to endure over the years. Lynching is a horrible act that took
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Innocent people that did not even know about the specific crime were being accused and killed just because of their skin color. This however, was only the beginning, as there were many more situations like this. There was another incident in which an African American man was burned alive for adultery. This man, “Edward Coy was accused of assaulting a white woman,” and the woman was the one who set him on fire.6 Some things that need to noted is that the white woman’s husband was a drunk and a gambler, the woman was “known to have been criminally intimate with Coy for more than a year previous,” and was pressured “to make the charge against the victims.”6 African Americans had no say in defending themselves, despite the situation. It appeared that African Americans could never feel safe, as a white woman who was intimate with Coy for over year, is suddenly pressured into pressing charges against him, mainly because he is African American.6 The African American community had a response to the lynching’s and all the hate. One action that tried to help was reconstruction.
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