Challenges From Romeo And Juliet

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The scene Act 3, Scene 3 from Romeo and Juliet shows many challenges an actor may face. Starting off this part of the scene it may be hard for Romeo to express how sad he is to be exiled. It may be a challenge for him to act out the lines, “Father, what news? What is the Prince’s doom? What sorrow craves acquaintance at my hand That I yet know not” (lines 4-6). The language used within these lines establishes that Romeo is demanding answers. During these lines Romeo would have to should the action of questioning Frair Lawrence in order to get what he’s looking for. Frair Lawrence would then face the challenge of being calm at first. He would have it harder because he is trying to make Romeo understand that he was about to be banished. The …show more content…

It may be difficult for the audience to understand that Romeo thinks banishment is that same as death, knowing it isn’t. Another example would be when Romeo says, “...More validity, more honorable state, more courtship lives In carrion flies than Romeo…” (lines 35-37). The issue within these lines is the audience may not have an idea about what he means, especially when he says that flies are able to see Juliet and now he won’t be able to.The style of play is that it’s a tragedy. The challenge that lies within the style is that the audience has to understand at this point he is being banished and not killed. Many challenges may occur being this scene but it’s up to the actors to perfect it. After seeing the performance Romeo and Juliet, the production succeeded in overcoming the challenges of the scene. When Romeo performed this scene he was really powerful with his anger. Within the lines, “Ha, banishment? Be merciful, say ‘death,’ For exile hath more terror in his look, Much more than death. Do not say ‘banishment’” (lines 13-15), Romeo made sure he addressed his point as powerful as he could. He showed the audience how he felt about being banished and how he was going to be hard for him, especially since he loves Juliet so much. This was seen in the lines, “Where Juliet lives, and every cat and dog And little mouse,

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