Challenging Common Myths About Young English Language Learners Written By Linda Espinosa Essay

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This paper will be revisiting the article PreK-3rd; Challenging common myths about young English language learners written by Linda Espinosa. In this article Espinosa provides us with some common myths that people believe about dual language programs and the effects that it has on children. Therefore, in my previous reflection paper two myths were chosen which were myths one and six. Thus the two myths are “myth 1: Learning Two Languages During the Early Childhood Years Will Overwhelm, Confuse, and/ or Delay Acquisition of English (Espinosa pg. 5).” The second myth is “myth 6: Native English Speakers May Experience Academic and Language Delays in Dual Language Programs (Espinosa pg. 15).” In the previous reflection paper, I discussed the two myths based off of my prior knowledge. Thus since the course is coming to an end, I will be stating if my opinion has changed or remained the same towards these two myths. Therefore, this paper will be providing more evidences that was been provided for us throughout the quarter. Therefore, as stated before my view on these two myths is that I strongly disagree with these two myths. My opinion has not changed over the quarter because much evidence has been provided to us that shows these myths are still completely wrong. Therefore, my opinion of myth 1 was that children are capable of learning more than one language at the same time because their brains are like sponges. As we get older it’s harder for us to learn a different language
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