Changing Economic Structure Of The United States Economy

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Change in Economic Structure Harmful to U.S. Economy
By: Samuel Winegar
Submitted to: Dr. S. Ray Barnes

Thesis Unemployment has been on the rise in the United States in recent years. One of the large contributing factors of this is the change in the structure of the country’s economy. Many jobs, particularly manufacturing and industrial type jobs are being outsourced to other countries. An increase in unemployment due to a change in the economy is structural unemployment. This paper will discuss how structure unemployment is causing harm to the United States economy.
It is evident that the economy of the United States is changing. The world in which we used to see an economy of all American made products and American services is rapidly disappearing. Many American companies are outsourcing the jobs they have to offer to other countries. These are the very jobs that helped create our economy and help us thrive. James Moreland states “The capitalist market in the United States makes it nearly impossible for any successful company to avoid the lure of cutting American industrial jobs and shipping the work abroad. “Free trade” agreements such as NAFTA and our membership in the WTO have caused the U.S. to be forced to compete with third world countries such as China and Mexico, where wages are often less than $4 an hour.” (Moreland 2014) in his article “The Outsourcing of American Jobs Hurts The Economy on Every Level”. However, with…
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