Changing Social Normality In William Shakespeare'sAntigone And Alceste

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Antigone and Alceste are both eccentrics gifted on changing social morality. Throughout their individual plays, both characters demonstrate through the tone and structure of the plays their thematic ideas that they stand for. Throughout this essay, I will dig into the plays and display how the plays and their themes help make them effective characters as well as I like. Antigone and Alceste are very much similar because they both seek to change the world order in which they live in. Antigone wants to bury her dead brother and pay her last respects to him. But, unlike her fellow people of Thebes, she volitionally refuses to adhere the social normality and follow Kreon’s orders no matter what the cost is to herself. Alceste displays a similar drive as he refuses to follow the courtesies that his fellow man dutifully obeys. She chooses to never back down from her principle. Alceste resists the normal behavior by refusing to obey no mater what anybody tells him. He then decides to not hold his tongue back. They both displayed stubbornness to refuse to adhere a normality that others feel is the truth. But, they do not do quite do it in the same manner. Antigone holds up her principles until the moment she decides to commit suicide. She is a fighter and never backs down. Alceste on the other hand will hold his tongue back such as with Oronte, to not sound disrespectful but otherwise insists people should be more honest. I feel in this way, Alceste is a deceiver stating something

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