Chaos In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The quote, “Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered,” by Jose Saramago, explains the importance of keeping order in civilization. When order does not exist or is not enforced, civilization begins to collapse or breaks down which, in turn, proceeds to ensue chaos. When Piggy discovers the conch in the story, Lord of The Flies, by William Golding, he uses it to establish order on the island, but when he dies order ceases to exist. The first line in the poem, In A Dark Time, is eerily similar to the boys situation of order and civility on the island. When Piggy first observed the conch in the beginning of the story he decided that they should use that conch to preserve order in the tribe. Piggy explains to the group, “We can use …show more content…

After Piggy's death the boys on the island could not be more divided. The boys had split into two groups, Jack and his tribe and Ralph who is now alone due to Piggy's death. “Dark, darker my light, and darker my desire,” (Stanza 3), as said by Roethke. The boys are only falling into deeper chaos on the island, and are continuing to become more savage. Jack’s desires, in particular, are becoming darker because he proceeds to throw spears and hunt down Ralph after he had witnessed Piggy's death. This is a great representation of how the boys are becoming more barbaric with the actions that they are taking. At first the boys desires were to get rescued. However, now Jack is coming to the realization that they will probably not be rescued and he wants to hunt down and kill Ralph. Jack starts reinstating to the boys on the island that he is their leader. Piggy's death is the symbolization of the breakdown of order and the beginning of disunity on the island. This breakdown of order is clearly delineated in the book. Jack sees the chance to kill Ralph right after Piggy is killed because Ralph is vulnerable, and alone against Jack and his tribe. Jack takes it upon himself to declare himself as the leader, “I’m chief!” (Page 181). Jack sees the opportunity to proclaim himself as leader of the boys after Piggy dies and the conch is destroyed. Jack then proceeds to barrage Ralph with spears in an attempt to kill him, “Viciously, with full intention, he hurled the

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