Chapter 1 : Chapter One Of Jordon's Tale

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Jordon awoke from his sleep when a youthful knight shook him lightly awake for his shift. He nodded his head to the man and slid off his bed to the basin of water set on a small table. He rinsed his face and rubbed soap onto his palms. It was presumably eight in the morning. He glanced to his window and watched as the sun rose steadily upwards, shining light on the old castle. When his armor was worn and tidy, he marched down the main hall, raising a hand of greeting to the other guards who grinned and smiled at his presence. He entered the throne room and set his sword down silently, bowing so deeply his hair touched his knees. "Rise, Jordon." He did, staring at his future queen with a small nod. She appeared especially tired today. Of …show more content…

Jordon marched into the solidarity room, and with a key, unlocked the cement door. He inched closer to the man and realized that his back was lying against a wall, eyes trained on him lazily. "Time to face your fate, fool." Jordon's lips curled in disgust and he leaned forward in a crouch, untying the bonds on the man's ankles. "Hell, who knew the queen's mutt was just as cruel as her?" The question was met with a solid punch to the prisoner's face, disregarding some of his rules stated earlier. "Stand up." Jordon ordered and he noticed that the boy was likely his own age. A young delinquent. He was struggling to rise. It seemed as though his ankle was twisted. Releasing a barely audible breath, the knight brought an arm around the boy's shoulders. "Come on, " he whispered. Jordon expected a sarcastic response back but silence was the only thing that followed. Together, they reached the staircase. The two stared at the amount of steps they would have to endure. Jordon's face was spotted with sweat. The prisoner's chest was rising and falling quickly, his hold on the knight tight. "Wait." Jordon peered at him, eyebrows lifting. "What is it?" "I can not move forward. I need water." "You will receive your water at a later deemed period. This is no time to take luxuries. The princess awaits us." Jordon wondered if they were late. He hoped not. With a frustrated groan, he asked, "If you are lying, I will-" "I am not. Behead me if I am. Just give me

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