Chapter Notes On ' Dear Diary '

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Chapter 1 July 1 2001 Dear Diary I want to go home. Mommy and daddy come in two days. Today me and Rachel went to fireworks. She was scared. Papa made her happy. Gramma sat with me. She was happy which made me happy. After the fireworks, Gramma went to bingo, so papa and I were alone. It made me feel sad. He said I had to. He was boss. Daddy would be mad if I didn 't do it. I didn 't want too. I didn 't want daddy to be mad at me. I would be in trouble. Night diary I have to sleep now. July 2 2001 Dear Diary Mommy and daddy came sooner. We went to go have some ice cream and we watched a movie. Daddy gave me a quarter for some candy. He said I 'm old enough for an allowance. I got to sleep in my own bed. I don 't ever want to go back. Good night diary. *** “Grab your stuff and get out,” he yelled, pointing at the door. His face was growing redder and redder by the second. His cheeks flushed. I’d had seen him mad before, but nothing like this. I couldn’t lie my way out of this one. “Did you hear me?” He picked up the large garbage bag full of my stuff and tossed it at the front door. I stood there for a moment. When he opened the front door I knew he was serious. I walked outside, looking behind me as the door slammed shut. I picked up the garbage bag. I left the front of the house, down the narrow walkway to the sidewalk. He kicked me out. I never thought it would happen. He threatened it, before. But this time he actually did it. He never
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