Character Analysis Of Big Water In 'Monster Of The Deep'

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Dana Fitz Gale noted, “Big Jim’s always saying how a lake this size could hide all sorts of things”(23). There are many hidden mysteries out there in the world waiting to be discovered some of them could be good while others be the total opposite. In the story, the setting is set to be a lake in which our character named Jimmy will have to decide whether to be brave or a coward. In order to achieve his goal, he will have to face his fears while also breaking out his ordinary life style to find the answers he is looking for. Jimmy depict the curiosity of a smart kid searching for some sustainable answers. We explored how Jimmy character changes throughout the story “Monsters of the Deep”. Throughout the story Jimmy’s character shows a debating emotion on whether to believe if there is a monster or not. He began drawing what he thought the creature would look like and stated “I’d made at least a dozen pencil sketches, based on his uncle eyewitness report, and though some of them were pretty good, though could never get the teeth exactly right”(Gale 24). Jimmy’s character starts to get more interested in this so called creature, but he isnt’t the type person who would go outside to do any kind of activity, a homeboy would better describe him. It was rather strange that this boy would actually care about what has been occurring in the lake, because he is the sort of character that in situations like this would definitely stay behind at home like he always does. Jimmy’s

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