Character Analysis Of Freddie In The Shade

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Were you ever nervous and bothered about changing the life you've lived the most? Freddie in the Shade, written by Pam Munoz Ryan, is about a young boy named Freddie who struggles with realizing the beauty of change and moving forward in life. Having a hard time with moving on, Freddie is left disagreeable but soon begins to let go of the past and becomes acceptable to new things coming his way. Freddie is an interesting character because he likes to have power over his own life but he tries to hold himself down to feel empathy for those he truly cares for. There are several events and examples throughout the story Freddie in the Shade, that express Freddie as a strong, caring, and kindhearted character.

Freddy can be described as disagreeable at the beginning of the story although at the end of the story he becomes acceptable and open to new beginnings. For example, in the beginning of the story on page 12 the author states “For weeks, Freddie had been hibernating in his room, trying to avoid dad and Maggie. They tried to include him in every boring preparation for the baby.” With the evidence, the author provides us we can predict that Freddie doesn't like when he is pushed into doing something he doesn't want to do leaving Freddie very disagreeable and stubborn. On the very first paragraph of page 11, the narrator states “Freddie hoped that the dark shades would protect him from anything else that might disrupt his life.” From the statement, the author provides in

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