Character Analysis Of Gandalf

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Gandalf is not alone in his path for good though, seen when Gandalf is brought back after his battle with the Balrog. Some divine intervention must have occurred in order for that to happen. In addition, the scene is a demonstration of just how powerful Gandalf is that he was able to defeat this corrupted Maiar before him demanding that it “cannot pass!” (322). However, during the battle, Gandalf is pulled into the void with the Balrog. This is believed to be Gandalf’s demise, but he is returned to Middle Earth more powerful than ever as “Gandalf the White” (484), replacing Saruman in the Order. Some outside force had to have saved Gandalf and returned him. Gandalf also remembers more of his past and comes back enlightened, referring to …show more content…

Saruman studied the Enemy in many ways and one way he used was the Palantir he came by from the Noldor but there is “nothing that Sauron cannot turn to evil uses” (583) as told by Gandalf. Saruman’s eye, while searching for knowledge using the Palantir, was captured by Sauron and “persuaded from afar and daunted when persuasion would not serve” (584) till he came to become corrupted. It is this corruption that causes Saruman to crave more power. By understanding that it was not only power that corrupted Saruman and that power later becomes a tool he uses, adds to understanding Saruman’s actions throughout the novel by understanding his motives and understanding how corruption and power are related. Eventually Saruman uses his power for evil and to gain more power at the same time. This is first seen when he traps Gandalf upon “the pinnacle of Orthanc” (254) with no way of escape till Gandalf chooses to support him. From atop Orthanc, Gandalf sees that Saruman is “mustering a great force on his own account” (254) that he later releases to take Helm’s Deep. Like Gandalf, Saruman exerts control with his power for a purpose shown when he strands Gandalf and when he commands troops to attack Rohan. The changing of power within a figure can also bee seen on Saruman. He starts as the highest Istari in his order and rises to “Saruman of Many Colours” (252), losing wisdom but gaining strength. However, when

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