Character Analysis Of Hugh Winkleman In Gordon Korman's Schooled

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Schooled What makes this character feel real? There are many things Hugh Winkleman does that make him see more believable. Hugh Winkleman is a character in the novel Schooled by Gordon Korman. Schooled is about a thirteen-year-old hippie who goes to a public school for the first time after being homeschooled by his grandmother until she's sent to the hospital due to a bad fall. But, when Capricorn Anderson(Cap) joins the new school, almost everyone there torments him and tries to break him so that he will stop being so nice. But that all stops once everyone realizes that Cap is a much better person than the rest of them. Everyone else begins to appreciate Cap as they try to become more like him. This paper discusses Hugh Winkleman round as a character through his path and purpose in the text, his interactions and effect on others, and his change over time. Hugh’s path in the book Schooled is a path of acceptance. Throughout the story, most of the things he has done was to make him look socially normal. This was showed best at the end of the book:” This was my shining hour. Hugh Winkleman would be the school joke no longer” (Chapter 29, Page 194). This quote shows that Hugh has never been accepted and how he just wants to fit in. Another thing that was proven by reading the book; Hugh has a lot of mixed relationships. Like in the beginning with Cap he was grateful for Cap being there because Hugh was not getting bullied as much anymore. But soon after Cap stopped getting

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