Character Analysis Of Macbeth

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Thunder strikes and the three witches enter the stage, which has been set up to look like a cave.
There is a boiling pot in the centre.
Again, the setting of the scene highlights the evil intentions of the witches.
This is one of the most explicit and influential scenes of the play and it revolves around the three witches chanting a spell for Macbeth.
The ingredients they use to make the spell are sickening and hideous, like the witches themselves, who Macbeth (The King) has chosen as guides.
The most powerful of all evil entities is Hecate.
She chants with the other witches.
“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes (IV, i, 59–60)”.
This rhyming couplet sets the stage for Macbeth who is coming to visit them.
It is fascinating that Macbeth is referred to as a “wicked thing” then calling him by his name or by his status. Macbeth has become as vile and evil as the witches but he is oblivious to his downfall created by the witches.
Pre-fated theory
He is so naive, conceited and believes his status is powerful enough to let him command the witches as his trusted advisers, even though his greeting indicates (IV, i, 48-49)”.
“How now, you secret, black, and midnight hags! What is't you do?
As the witches direct Macbeth to their masters because of his demand for answers, the reader can see Macbeth’s arrogance, making him feel as if he was important enough to deal with the gods.
This is only implied. Macbeth doesn't

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