Character Analysis Of The Boy With A Red Pony

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Sharon is also called Rosashara, she is a married, teenage daughter of senior Joads. Sharon’s husband leaves her and then this have-not bears a stillborn baby because of the hardships she endures. As the story ends, she gives her own milk to a starving man to save his life. Noah is the slow-witted second son of senior Joads. He finally wanders around. He undergoes the pressures of the journey. Hunger becomes too much for this have-not to bear in the hardships so he dies. Al is the third son of senior Joads. He is in his teens so interested in girls and automobiles. He idolizes his brother, Tom. Ruthie is the pre-teen age daughter of senior Joads. Winfield is the youngest of senior Joads. Uncle John is the brother of the Tom Joad, Sr. is a…show more content…
III. The Triumph of Human Spirit in the Novels of John Steinbeck Steinbeck is committed to nothing except the triumph of humanity. His have-nots broadly have a rebellion spirit against selfishness and greed. "Steinbeck had an oceanic sense of involvement with all humanity. Every pursuit of the have-nots, no matter what its stated end, had as its foundation purpose, survival, growth and renewal. Steinbeck would mourn the changes in his native turf, but he was realistic about the need for evolutionary growth" (Steinbeck, John. “Monterey Peninsula Herald” 1957: 8). A bunch of perfectly comfortable, selfish individuals cannot have an idea what actually it is to be a have-not, till Steinbeck beautifully interprets them. He repeatedly asserts that his have-not protagonists do have the stuff the heroes are made up of but they are perfect in their imperfectness. "A writer who does not passionately believe in the perfectibility of man has no dedication or any membership in literature" (Steinbeck, John “The Paris Review”.www.theparisreview.or/.the-art-of-sfiction-no45continuedjohnstein.Web13.Mar .2014). Senator Robert M. nominated Steinbeck’s work for historical vindication. Carey McWilliams and La Follett inquire into California’s tyrannical farm labour conditions through Steinbeck’s works and give amazing conclusion that he amalgamates the social reality with celebration of human life even in dearth of the have-nots. "John
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