Character Analysis Of Theodore Freak, By Theodore Finch

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Theodore Finch: On the outside many see Theodore as quirky and a slacker especially at school. He is an outcast and teased and called a freak by his classmates especially Amanda monk (cheerleader former friend of Violet Markey) and Gabe Romero (used to be best friends until “A few years ago, I asked my then good friend Gabe Romero if he could feel sound and see headaches. The next day it was all over school, and I was officially Theodore Freak.”). But under the facade that he shows at school and to his family he is a long term sufferer of bipolar depression disorder which cases him to contemplate suicide on a daily basis. He has “asleep” days as he calls them where he can’t talk and he doesn't leave his room, according to research they are, “his manic and depressive episodes, respectively”. However he is trying to fight his depressive episodes and sees every day that he isn’t asleep as a good day and in a narration to the reader he says, “I want to stay alive. I'm fighting to be here in this s*itty, messed-up world.” he is living day by day and just trying to make it to tomorrow, until he meets Violet who is suffering too and he helps her regain herself again as a mentor, friend and partner. He deeply cares for her and they build their relationship by going on adventures through Indiana for a school project. He hides his episodes at first but even though Violet is the only thing keeping him there she isn’t enough to make the depressive episodes stop coming, and he tries to

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