Character Analysis Of Tom Sawyer

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In the novel, Tom Sawyer the author, Mark Twain, tells a story about how a 12 year old boy, Tom Sawyer, becomes an adult by undergoing a test. Through this story Tom is faced with many hard and difficult decisions. He and his friend, Huck Finn, witness a terrible murder in which they have to come to a decision to tell the truth about the murder or keep mum and deal with the guilt. Tom also has to take a risk for Becky Thatcher, Tom’s crush. They also go on adventure to Jackson Island and him and Becky get lost in the cave.
One way that Tom passes a test to becoming an adult is by risking himself for Becky. In class the teacher, Mr. Dobbins, has a special book that he keeps locked in a box. Becky saw that he had left the box opened, then she walked over to it and grabbed hold of the book. While she was looking through it Tom came from behind her and she rushed to shut it, but accidently ripped one of the pages in the process. Then she said to Tom, ”You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Tom Sawyer; you know you're going to tell on me, and oh, what shall I do, what shall I do! I will be whipped, and I never was whipped in school.” When Mr. Dobbins found it ripped he started going around the class asking people who did it. Then he came to Becky and he said, ”Rebecca Thatcher- did you tear-no, look me in the face- did you tear this book?” But before she could answer Tom sprang up and said, “I done it!” This shows that Tom was willing to take a beating for who he loves. In a form,

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