See How They Run Essay

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Grace has been told for more than half her life that she was crazy. Her mother’s death that she witnesses was an accident, there was no scarred man, and there was nothing she could do to change what had happened. But Grace knew they were wrong. With the help of her friends Noah, Megan and Rosie, she managed to discover that the scarred man was Dominic, the first love of her mother, who was there to kill her mother, but chose instead to stage her death. Grace came down just as Dominic was taking the picture, and picked up the gun that was lying on the floor. Firing blinding, she missed Dominic and shot her mother instead. The traumatic moment of shooting her mother was blocked from Grace’s mind as it was unable to handle what she did. Her family tries to protect her from this, saying it was an accident, trying to get Grace to stop pushing. When pushing too hard, Grace discovers the truth of what happened that night, and what she did, and with the …show more content…

Not as good as the first, See How They Run, features Grace Blakely, the slightly crazy girl that shot her mother. Grace’s character had no time to develop, as guilted by the past, she runs around in circles, not figuring anything out until someone comes and helps her. The trio of friends (Noah, Megan and Rosie) are helpful, but not as much as the last novel, due to Grace not letting them in, or allowing them to fully participate. Brother Jamie is in this, which Carter did a good job on, as he’s loving, and caring, like a big brother should be, and there as a support to Grace (if only she used him!). Finally, what a young adult novel without any love interest, as Carter brings back Alexie, but not letting Grace have a final decision on him yet. With a good plot, and a steady story line, this book might not stick out compare to Carter’s other novels, but it is defiantly worth the read, as the ending of this book will leave you speechless and yearning for what comes

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