Character Analysis: The Real O Neals

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Over the year or so that I have been interviewing actors, I have discovered so many remarkably gifted and exceptionally grounded young people in the industry. Chatting with them and featuring them on my site is always something special, and Lizzie White is no exception. While I am new to her talent, she and I recently discussed how she got started in her acting career, what her current and notable works are, and even how she manages her free time and outside interests. RH: Lizzie, I am so glad you could meet with me today. How old are you now? LW: I am thirteen. Oh, then you're the same age as my daughter! And you live in LA? Yes, the LA area. I actually live in Burbank. How long have you been acting? I started acting when I was four …show more content…

I was unfamiliar with the show, but I have spent some time getting to know it. It looks like a well-done show, from what I can tell. It's funny, and it's a family sitcom where they seem to be dealing with potentially uncomfortable issues in a lighter way. So since I've not been watching, is there a good fan response where people are really pushing for season three? The Real O'Neals is on some top ten list, I think, for shows, so it's very popular. I love the show--I really do. And not just because I'm on it. I think it's a great show. In addition to The Real O'Neals, is there anything else coming up that you can mention? Yes, I was on an episode of Game Shakers, and this Saturday, that episode will premiere. It's a Nicklelodeon show. I believe I read that your sister {Morgan Aliyah White} is also an actress--is that right? Yes, she hasn't been going on auditions recently, but she wants to get back in the swing of things. In your free time, when you have it, what do you like to do? Not counting acting classes, usually I'll Skype my best friend. I also read. I don't have a lot of time to read 'cause I'm very busy, but I love to read. I like rereading the Harry Potter series. Is there something I haven't covered that you want to be sure to

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