Character Analysis: The Ugly American

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On another occasion, General Stanley McChrystal flew into a combat outpost to see my platoon with the majority of my chain of command. We sat in a stable around a fire and he asked direct questions about the mission and what he could do to help us accomplish it. I answered his questions respectfully and bluntly. When he asked what questions I had for him, I asked the questions that my subordinates asked of me. After General McChrystal departed, one of my leaders pulled me aside and he told me that my bluntness stunned him. I replied that I doubted that the general flew all that way to receive sugarcoated answers. A few days later, an officer demonstrating new products in the field for General McChrystal visited our outpost and he confirmed my thoughts. He said that while his primary job was demonstrating the technologies and determining what was beneficial in the field, his ulterior job was collecting honest answers for the general because many people were afraid to be honest to his face. Techniques like these helped General McChrystal understand his operating environment. When we attempt to understand our …show more content…

Several of them had mixed results in their application of the SO Imperatives. Tex was deliberate when he convinced Major Monet to learn Mao’s tactics in order to counteract them. If he had been as deliberate convincing officers above Major Monet, he may have been able to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of special operations. Tex’s personal behaviors also compromised his credibility and influence. Senator Brown could have achieved his desire to understand the operational environment by employing trusted aides and interpreters. Emma’s ability to anticipate and control psychological effects straightened the spines of an entire village. Not only knowing the SO Imperatives but how to apply them and to what degree is critical for attaining desired

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