Character Analysis of Telemachus and The Odyssey by Homer Essay

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In the beginning of The Odyssey, Telemachus is not yet a man and not sure of himself yet. Embarking on a mission to find his father, he matures from a child to a strong, single-minded adult. Throughout the poem, Telemachus finds his place in the world and becomes a more well-rounded person. Although Telemachus never quite matches his father Odysseus in terms of wit, strength, agility, his resilience does develop throughout the text. In the epic, The Odyssey, by Homer, the young boy Telemachus changes from an insecure teen into a confident and poised young man as he travels the seas in search for his father, whose bravery and intelligence proves to be comparable to his own.
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For example, whenever he tries to order them to leave or take control of the suitors, they are surprised that he can speak so boldly at first, but then begin to mock him for sounding so grown up. During one particular lecture, “So Telemachus declared. And they all bit their lips, amazed the prince could speak with so much daring. Eupithes’ son Antinous broke their silence: ‘Well Telemachus, only the gods could teach you to sound so high and mighty!” (Homer 90). He is being mocked for seeming so grown up and trying to take control. They do not see him yet as a man.
Homer shows how Telemachus has grown up in The Odyssey, through how he changes his attitude about taking responsibility for his household. At the beginning of the story, he is not that adamant about taking care of his home. He says, “’Isn’t it quite enough that you, my mother’s suitors have ravaged it all, my very best, these many years, while I was still a boy?’” (Pg. 103 lines 346-8) He just cares about the material wealth of the household. He doesn’t think that it is his duty to take care of it. This is a very immature view. However, Telemachus does take some responsibility for it. He lets the guest into his house and tells his mother to go upstairs, which shows he is taking responsibility for what is his. This is true in some ways, but he is only taking on minimal responsibility because it is required of him, not because he

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